Accord HMI  

Accord HMI Runtime is a full HMI application, which runs on any PC or panel PC, to provide full control of Programs and Equipment, and immediate status and live KPI updates. Accord HMI contains full graphics and all items are clickable to show faceplates for control, status and values. Different devices may be accessed from within an original faceplate. Different HMI Runtime applications can be set up as Workstations, each with unique navigation.

HMI Replay mode provides graphical review of operations (as it happened!), with updating values and status for all devices for the time selected. The replay time for review may be selected, with Pause and Resume functions.

KPI provides a unique feature of live updates of a query, and all aspects of the query may be changed easily, using easy selections.


Typical Accord HMI Graphic:

hmi runtime 900x698

Key Features

  • Items have built-in Faceplates which show on clicking
  • Lines and Vessels and equipment can show colours for current status.
  • Equipment faceplates have Trending and History, and other appropriate features built in
  • Included List controls will show all Items with particular status; e.g. Masked, In Override, Values,
  • Faceplates have a built-in explorer, allowing access to any other faceplate from within the original control.
  • A Replay mode allows replay of the process on the graphics, with selectable start time and duration.
  • KPI control allows full access for queries in Runtime, with no engineering required.
  • Security is built-in, with full history in Accord Server.
  • Built-in explorer allows any item to be accessed from within any faceplate

We also supply ActiveX Controls which can be installed in other application environments such as a Scada system, Word, Excel, etc…and can be used in connected PC’s as “Dashboard Items” if required.


Program Items and Faceplate:

This is a Program-Logic-Interface control which provides interface to a Program or selection of Programs, with easy access to associated Step times, Setpoints as well as full program control and ability to move the program to any step in the sequence. There is a built-in access to program History.

Depending on configuration choices the Status, Step Name, Step Number, Recipe, Plan for the program are shown, and the Time Setpoint Remaining and Time Elapsed for the current step are shown.

The commands for Starting, Holding, Resuming and Ending the program are shown, and there is also Options to Pause Step Timing, and to Resume Step Timing. The last button at the right hand side opens access to panels for the Setpoints and Step Times for the Program.

The Multiprogram control shows the Active Program from a list of programs, which is great where only one program can run on a section at a time.

The Program List control shows the status of all programs, and each program can be accessed, as a Faceplate for the program is launched when the program row is clicked on the list.


Equipment Items and Faceplates:

These provide status information and functions for modifying process set-points and overriding device status.

Digital:  Valves, Motors, Digital Input and Output Signals.

Analog:  Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, PID Loops,

All relevant features of each of the above objects are available on the control, for example the PID loop may be tuned from the control. Items have built-in Real-Time and Historical Trending facilities and History access.

Valve Faceplate



Valve Faceplate with Settings shown


Analog Input Faceplate


Analog Input with Settings shown



The above controls show Login / Security panels and a Project Explorer at the top, which enable logging in or switching to another device within the faceplate.

List Features:

The following list controls, a feature which is unique to Accord, provide at a glance functionality for the plant.

Alarm: Alarm Banners and Full Current Alarm pages are provided. Alarm rows are all clickable; the Alarm or the Device in Alarm may be accessed directly from the Alarm row. A fully searchable Historical Alarm page is included also

Programs:  Showing status of all Programs, or a selection of Programs, with clickable Faceplate access,

Device Status: Showing all Devices that are currently in Manual, Masked, Override or Maintenance, with clickable faceplate access

General Features:

Trend:  Full featured, Real-Time and Historic Trends, as standalone controls and built-in to Analog or Value controls.

Replay:  The Replay Control can be used to select a time period and “replay” the states and values of devices displayed on the HMI. The user can select to start the Replay function and the required historical time for the Replay.

Replay Runtime Configuration


KPI Control provides a unique feature of live updates of a query, and all aspects of the query may be changed easily, using easy selections.

User Guide may be downloaded here or use the links below

….click here for for Full List of Accord HMI Controls and Features