Accord Plan

Sequencing of Programs, with selectable Recipes, and Automatic Report generation

Accord Plan Manager allows for any sequence of Programs to be run, either to start on demand, or on a repeating schedule.  Plan Manager allows for Recipe selection for each program, so material handling may be catered for in the selected program Recipe.  A Plan may be scheduled to run at intervals, e.g. at a fixed time every day.

Plan-Overview while Running

Main Features

  • Provides Automatic Sequences, containing Programs with required Recipes, Activations, Pauses,
  • Current Plan Identified within the Program faceplate
  • Automatic generation of Reports for each run of a Plan
  • Automatic Scheduled Start for Plans, at repeat intervals


Plan Manager reads the existing programs and recipes and any selected devices, so Plans only require selection of programs from drop-down functionality, and do not require any scripting. Records are stored automatically for Plan generation, editing or starting or control, and may be viewed in the Audit Trail, and the ending of a Plan will cause automatic generation of a Plan Report,

The following can be selected for operation or activation in a Plan,

  • Program –  Selection of a Program in the Project
  • Wait – Pause for a period of Seconds
  • Setpoint –  Selection of a Program Setpoint for changing
  • Digital Device –  Selection of a Digital Device for Manual Activation
  • Analog Device – Selection of an Analog Device for Manual Value
  • Decision – Selection of a decision for state change
  • PID Loop – Selection of PID Loop for Manual Operation


User Guide may be downloaded here or use the links below

Plan Manager

click on a name to learn more about Setup and control of sequences of programs.

Plan Setup

Learn how to Setup a Plan

Plan Operation

Starting and controlling a Plan