Accord Recipe

Multiple recipes for each program, for Setpoints, Selections, and Step Order

Accord Recipe allows setup of alternate recipes for Programs, with easy entry of new setpoints and selection states. Accord Recipe also provides the unique feature of providing unique Step Orders for each recipe, allowing Steps to be skipped, repeated or re-ordered, giving a flexibility which isn’t found in any other platform. With all the Accord Plus modules, no engineering is needed to setup the recipes. Multiple Recipes can be configured for each program in the Model. Also all recipe additions and editing is automatically stored in the Audit Trail.

The emphasis of Accord Recipe is on ease of use, there are no complicated methods involved and it is easy to learn.

Main Features

  • Provides Setup for Step Times, Setpoints and Selections (Decisions)
  • Provides a changeable default Step Order, without any engineering required. Also provides configurable transitions to “next steps” in case it is required for repeated steps.
  • All changes to a Recipe are captured in Audit Trail
  • New Recipes can be immediately selected in HMI Programs or in Plans, without any further settings,


Each Recipe for a program consists of Setpoints and Decisions (Booleans) and a Step Order. Setpoints can be changed, within the Max and Min set up in Builder and Decisions can be set for True or False for options in the program. The Step Order is a free choice and it allows short or long versions of programs to be simply configured and it also allows a Step to be repeated any number of times. In Builder each Step may be configured with an Alternate Step On and these may be configured as required for each instance of a Step in the Recipe, for full flexibility. Any configured recipes are automatically available in the Program and the recipe data is downloaded to the PLC when it is selected before Program Start so there is no engineering required for this. When a program is run with a named Recipe, the Recipe will appear in Reports and any Audit Trails. A record of the Recipe may be obtained in the Configuration Report.

Accord Recipe application works in conjunction with Accord Server. It may be hosted on the same PC as Server or on a separate PC. Accord Recipe is not necessary for operation of an automation system and is an add-on to basic operation. It is installed, along with Accord Reports and Accord Plan Manager, in Accord Plus installer.

Default Recipe

All programs in the Model possess at least one default recipe.  Upon initial deployment, Accord Server will use this recipe with all settings as configured using Accord Builder.  This recipe cannot be deleted, but attributes of the recipe can be modified using this Recipe Manager. This is particularly useful as it enables modifications to the default recipe without the need to modify the configuration in Accord Builder.

User Guide may be downloaded here or use the links below

Recipe Manager

click on a name to learn more about Setup for Multiple Recipes for any program.

Recipe Setup

Learn how to Setup a Recipe

Recipe Selection in Program in HMI

Starting a Program on a Recipe