Accord Reports

Configurable Reports, Automatic Triggering, Storage and Mailing

 Allowing comprehensive production reports to be e-mailed immediately on ending of a program or production run..

Accord Reports allows any user to set up reports for production, CIP, or any combination of programs and equipment items over any time period. The Reports may be triggered to generate automatically (e.g on a program ending or on a device activation) and reports may be exported to a variety of formats and e-mailed automatically. Any number of reports may be setup and run at any time.

Accord Reports may be installed on any PC, and connected to the Accord Server with 1 click,

Reports merge setup


Main Features

  • Reports are completely configurable, can contain program commands, alarms, device readings, device status
  • An unlimited number of Reports may be setup and stored and recalled at any time. 
  • A Report may be setup to be Automatically generated. The automatic generation will store the report under the original name with appending of Date and Time (and a Key Reading if required) into the name, 
  • Reports may be exported to .pdf, .xls, .csv etc
  • Reports may be e-mailed automatically

Accord Reports is a configurable query builder which returns historical information on processes or equipment values in a tabular format. Accord Reports is part of the Accord Platform, for systems developed using Accord Builder. Accord Reports obtains data from logs created by Accord Server as part of plant operation and monitoring. Accord Reports is a module in the platform, called as a program, and is also embedded in Accord HMI to provide flexible Alarm History management.

Accord Reports does not require any Setup, all the data logged by Accord Server historian module is available for the Report and the reports are setup using drop down selections.

User Guide may be downloaded here or use the links below

Reports Manager

Setup, Generation and Storage of Process Reports.

Report Setup

Learn how to Setup a Report

Report Trigger and Storage

Triggering a Report Automatically