Setup of Conditions in Accord Builder

Conditions are tests for states, of the equipment, or of program states. They are single tests, and have included On-Delay timers.

Inserting a Condition:

A Condition is inserted into the Conditions holder of the Program by right-click on the Conditions Holder or by dragging the Condition icon into the Conditions Holder.  A condition may also be copied from another condition (Right-Click, Copy and give new name) in the same program. The type of Condition and other elements are then configured. A condition is added to the program by dragging the condition icon (in red square) from the toolbox to the program condition component holder, or by right clicking on the holder and “Add Condition”. The types of Conditions are “Value” types for comparison of 2 values:

  • Value Equal to Setpoint (for a Delay Time)
  • Value Greater than or equal to Setpoint (for a Delay Time)
  • Value less than or equal to Setpoint (for a Delay Time)
  • Value not equal to Setpoint (for a Delay Time

“Delay” type which times a period within the step or an Event

  • Simple Delay, used to indicate interval within Step. This timer is not paused if the step is in hold or Stopped.
  • An Event Delay, for a state for defined time. This may be continuous or may pause and resume as the state change.

“Program” type which is used to monitor the condition of another program.

  • Test if a Program is in a Step
  • Test if a Program is in a status (Running, Hold, Alarm, TimeHold)
  • Test if a Program is Active (Program is Active, in any status)

“Scada/HMI command” type. This is an Operator HMI command which is reset immediately by the PLC after usage.

Condition Configuration

Type, Source, Setpoint and Timer declaration

The following are possible types for Condition Source and Setpoints “Value” type conditions: Source Types:

  • Analog Inputs
  • Analog Devices
  • Setpoints
  • Variables

Setpoint Types:

  • Setpoints
  • Variables

The Setpoint and Source item type and item are selected using Drop-Down. An item can be Added to the system by clicking on a New button.


In the example an evaluation of the CIP Return Temperature is performed. The Source Type is an Analog Input and the particular item is the Temperature Transmitter TT 03. The Setpoint Type is a Setpoint (Recipe Setpoint). The condition is configured with delay timer for 5 seconds by selecting Constant 5.   There are State Texts for the Activated or True and for Deactivated or False states. These state texts are used in documentation and in states in the HMI.