Global Program Items:

Variables and Constants and Program Order in Accord Builder

A Program is an automated activity in the Process Plant. Variables and Constants are registers which can be used in any Program. A Program Order allows sequencing of the programs in the PLC.

Variables and Constants:

These are global registers whose values are available to all programs Conditions and Operations.

Variable: This is a PLC Register whose Floating Pt value is written by the PLC as a result of an Operation. These can be read in Operations and Conditions.

Constant: This is a PLC Register which has a constant Floating Pt value in the PLC, it is written during configuration in Builder. Constants can be read in Conditions and Operations.

Within a Program the Setpoints are Registers which hold Floating Pt values which can also be read during conditions and Operations.

Program Order:

Program Order: Order in which programs are to be processed in the PLC. This is generally not important, but is provided for transparency. Clicking on the Program Order button brings up the Program Order Edit panel, where the current order of processing in the PLC is shown.

Programs are added to processing by selecting the Program in the Available Programs panel and clicking Add. Each program must be inserted in the Order.

If a Program is being deleted it must first be removed from the processing order. This is done by selecting the program in the Program Order and clicking on Remove.

A Program may be moved up or down in the order by clicking Move Up or Move Down.Builder-Programs Order Edit