Program Recipe in Accord Builder

A Program is an automated activity in the Process Plant. The Program Setpoints, Decisions, and Step Order are contained in the Program Recipe. Each Program has a Recipe and each recipe may contain any number Setpoints and Decisions. The Program Step Order is the sequence for the default program, it may be changed using the Recipe manager module.

Configuring the Recipe:

The Program Recipe Holder is generated, with sub holders for the Setpoints, Decisions and Step Order. The Setpoints and Deicsions may be added and removed and changed easily and the Step Order allows for any order of steps in the default sequence.

Step Order:

The step order determines the order of processing of steps to carry out the default sequence using Normal Step on transitions.

Clicking on the Step Order button brings up the Step Order Edit Panel.

Steps are inserted in the Order by selection in the Left Hand panel and clicking Add, similarly Steps are removed from the Order by clicking on the Step to be removed in the Right Hand Panel and clicking Remove

A step may be placed in more than one location in the step sequence and each step must be used at least once in the program. The step position in the sequence can be modified by selecting the step to be moved and clicking on “Move Up” or “Move Down”.

Clicking on a Step will cause the Cross references for the Step to update at the bottom of the screen. The Tab field will show the relevant Cross reference / Usage information for the Step here.


Setpoints are used in Conditions and Operations. They may also be viewed, added or modified in the step recipe.

The minimum, maximum and default values for each recipe setpoint may be modified in this screen. These values will be applied as limits for operator setpoint entry in HMI controls.

Setpoints may be deleted by selecting and right-click and Delete. If a Setpoint is in use it cannot be deleted.

Setpoints may be renamed by selecting and right-click and Rename.

In some cases it is useful that Setpoints may only be changed prior to the start of a Program; that they cannot be changed while the program is running. The option at the right hand side for ‘Change while program active’


These are digital selections, which are usually changed at HMI for program selections to enable some plant operations or change a step sequence. In Builder they may be used in Conditions, Combined Conditions, Operations and Activations and Step Transitions. Each Decision must be used at least once in program.

In the PLC these may be True or False. The default is False for import and initial download to PLC.