Documentation Generation

Generation of Process Description, FDS, SDS, IQ, OQ, SAT documentation. 

Accord Builder provides the printing of documentation which matches the Mode and is valid for use in Design and Testing stages of projects. Documents are generated by Builder to MS Word .doc format. This means they can be further edited for Header and Footer and other style elements before usage or generation as .pdf.

This is a very powerful unique feature of Accord. It saves a vast amount of time in generation of documentation for Regulated systems.

The Documents Menu presents all the auto-generated Documents.  It also provides viewing the Audit Trail for loaded Model.

List of Documents that can be generated. Each document will match the Model

Design Documents

  1. Process Description
  2. Functional Design Specification
  3. Program Software Design Specification
  4. I/O Address List
  5. Equipment Software Design Specification
  6. Equipment Cross Reference Document
  7. Equipment Site Test / Install Qualification


Test Documents

  1. Factory Acceptance Test
  2. Site Acceptance Test
  3. Activations Chart
  4. Pin Chart
  5. Development Audit Trail


Generating a Document

To generate a document click the Documents menu in the top menu bar and select the required document. The document should be The document will begin to generate to MS Word. Each generation of a Document will be identified by a Revision number for the document. Document generation is logged for Audit Trail.

Note use of copy-paste in other applications while document is generating may affect the document.


Customising the Documents Properties

Builder-Document-Main Setup

To access Document Set-Up – click Documents Menu and Setup Documents. Approval information is filled out and this will be printed in introduction settings of documents.


Setting up the Equipment Site Test Document

To setup the test procedures for the Equipment Site Tests, click Documents Menu and select Setup Equipment Site Test Document.

Specific tests for each type of Equipment Test may be edited here. Default tests are included. The configured tests are applied to all devices of type in turn in the printout. Types are Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs, Motors, Valves, Digital Outputs and PID Loops.

Builder-Document-Test Setup

Setting up the FDS/SDS or SAT document

This is for inclusion of some or all Programs and Steps in the program related documents; FDS, SDS and SAT. Sometimes only one or a number of programs are required to be tested. To select the required programs or steps go to Documents Menu and select Setup required.

Builder-Document-Test Selections

The Programs and Steps are all available for selection for inclusion in the print. There are also options for Add All and Remove All.