Accord HMI

Accord HMI is a configurable object based HMI containing .Net Accord Controls which are serviced by Server module.

Accord HMI is composed of 3 applications;

Accord HMI Design     
Development of the HMI project

Accord HMI Runtime 
Hosting of a deployed project on Workstation – PC or Panel PC

Accord HMI Configuration 
Setup of connection to PC hosting Accord Server

An Accord HMI application is composed of a Template, Main Screens and Popups. All objects, colours and fonts are configurable in screens and popups. Screen Navigation is configurable using a Screen Explorer.

Accord HMI applications are hosted in Runtime on PC workstations and Accord HMI allows for ‘separate’ HMI workstations applications to be contained in one common project. The Workstations are configured according to workstation PC names and for individual start screens and then consequent navigation from those screens allows separate or common screens to be used.

Following development the project may be deployed to the target HMI PC, usually a panel PC or workstation. The workstation will be configured for connection quickly using HMI Configuration and will contain the HMI Runtime which will automatically load the deployed HMI project. Development and deployment over networks is catered for.

The HMI Runtime project hosts configurable .Net type controls which link to Accord Server for all data.

Accord HMI Design 

Accord HMI Design is a graphical application which allows users to quickly develop HMI Runtime applications for PC’s.  This Development application is a framework which contains a background template and the facility to add (or delete, or rename) screens easily.


The following main facilities are available

Setup Screen Resolution for Application, – this may be changed at any time,

Project Functions Menu:

  • Create, Open, Save HMI projects
  • Deploy applications to Runtime state, and Retrieve from Runtime
  • Import screens from other applications

Accord HMI Design also contains HMI Runtime to allow testing during development.

Accord HMI Design Tools:


Start HMI
 HMI Runtime, for testing during Design

Start as Workstation
 Selection of testing for a particular Workstation

Project Performance
 Selection of screens to be retained in memory to provide quicker loading times

Workstation Default
 Selection of initial screens for a Workstation

Colour Manager
 Colour schemes for devices status and display.

Popup Manager
 Activate Popups based on PLC events rather than operator intervention

Service Manager
 Selection of the Accord Server which manages data for the HMI application,

 Contains Design Assist tools options for

 Show Grid, Use Snap, Show Size,

 To assume Full Screen and Always on Top

..Auto Saving
 Save Screens and Full HMI Application on intervals

 Automatically Generate Backups on intervals


Accord HMI Controls 

Accord HMI is based on placing Controls on Screens. The controls are for Devices (Objects) and List types. There are also Management Controls, which are used to set up the HMI for Data Service and Colour Schemes.

Engineering HMI Setup Controls:

Colour Manager
               Provides colour scheme for Analog and Digital Devices displays.
The Colour Manager is selected in the Device properties and the device then works with the selected colours on screens. Primary and Secondary and Border colour configuration is provided.

Service Manager
 Allows selection of Accord Server for data service

General HMI Controls:

Allows selection of Replay mode and Replay Time

Alarm Reset
To reset all Alarms on Target PLC

Provides Diagnostics to allow checking of Process Conditions in PLC

Filterable reports which are used for Historical Alarms

Log-In as User, as set up in Accord Server Users.

….click here for for Full List of Accord HMI Controls and Features