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Deploy HMI Application to HMI Runtime Client

HMI Runtime provides a permanent running application on a PC or Panel PC.

In HMI Design the function Deploy HMI is used to create a version for HMI Runtime.

If the PC or Panel PC being used is not the same as the development PC then HMI Runtime Configuration is run to locate Accord Server (and Hot Standby server if configured) over the network. When HMI Runtime is started the Deployed application will be loaded. If Workstation functionality is being used then the name of the Runtime PC or Panel PC is designated as the Workstation name.

Each time HMI Runtime is started it will automatically check for any new deployments of the HMI Project. If a new deployment is found it will be automatically loaded. This means that the application does not have to be copied or transferred but it is possible to use memory stick or load from a file copy if required.

HMI Runtime will run continuously and use Accord Server for all data requirements and for Log-In security functions. In this way if a security aspect, for a User or Item access is changed in the Server, then it does not have to be changed in any HMI Runtime stations, the change will be read by HMI Runtime program.

As HMI Runtime is using Server for all data and control, it is a very small application and  it consumes very little PC resources and may be installed on office PC’s. This makes it suitable for use for dashboard screen applications also.