Accord implementation is based on Systems, each System is managed by Accord Server and will contain 1 or more PLC Projects, and 1 or more Accord HMI Runtimes on PC’s. There are additional modules for Recipe, Planning and Reports and additional options for features. Licensing is carried out using Activation Vouchers which may be obtained by contacting us using the contact form below.

Licensing allows for flexibility for system size and user requirements

Implemented Systems: Each System will contain 1 or more PLC Projects, and 1 or more Accord HMI Runtimes on PC. Optional Modules can be added.

System                           Accord Server

   Control                        Accord PLC Project

   Visualisation               Accord HMI Runtime with built-in Controls


   Accord Plus                 Accord Recipe, Accord Plan, Accord Reports         

   Server Options            Server Redundancy, HMI Replay mode

   Diagnostics                 Accord Check, to examine process control


Development: Systems and Projects are setup and tested by Developers. The Project is Modelled in Accord Builder and Graphics are designed in Accord HMI Design. A PLC Emulator allows desktop testing of Graphics and Control and the Simulator allows testing of Process reaction to varying Inputs.

   Modelling                       Accord Builder

   Graphics                        Accord HMI Design            

   PLC Emulation              Accord PLC Emulator within Accord Server

   Process Simulation      Accord Simulator



Each System will contain 1 or more PLC Projects, and 1 or more HMI Runtimes on PC.

The System is managed by Accord Server, which is free. Each Accord Server may manage multiple projects.


Control – Accord PLC Project:

Each System must contain at least 1 PLC Project, where the Project Licence size depends on the number of Controlled Devices, or Control Modules. A controlled device, or control modules is a Valve, Motor, Digital Signal, or Analog Signal. Device I/O may be Electrical or Bus based.

Projects are licensed for 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500 controlled devices.

A Project may contain any number of Programs or Phases, subject to PLC memory.

Project Price
50  Devices 2,800
100  Devices 4,800
150  Devices 5,800
200  Devices 6,800
300  Devices 9,800
400  Devices 11,800
500  Devices 14,800

Please contact us to obtain free 30 day trial licences.


Visualisation – Accord HMI Runtime with Controls:

This application is installed on Client PC’s, or Workstations. Configured controls link to Accord Server for all information.

Module Price
 HMI Runtime, per PC 900


System Options:

These options are licensed as options in an Accord Server installation.

Each licensed option applies for all PLC Projects and for all client HMI Runtime clients.

Server Redundancy applies for  any number of PC’s hosting Accord Server

HMI Replay Mode is applied for all connected Accord HMI Runtime PC’s

Option Price
Server Redundancy 4,800
HMI Replay Mode 2,800



Accord Check allows examination of process control

Module Price
Accord Check Free



Accord Builder (without Documents) is provided free with each System.


Accord Plus: Reports, Recipe and Plan Licences:

Accord Plus options for Reports, Plan, Recipe are enabled in Accord Server. Once licensed they are applicable to all PLC Projects managed by the Server. They are licensed depending on the total size of the licence bands of the PLC Projects managed by the Server. Modules may be used on any PC’s connected to the Accord Server PC.

Accord Server  Accord Plus Options
Licence Band Reports Recipe Plan
100  Devices 1,800 1,800 3,800
200  Devices 3,800 3,800 5,800
500  Devices 6,800 6,800 9,800



Development Licencing is Free or based on an Annual fee which is per development PC. Once licensed there is no limit on System or Project development or automatic document generation.

Note – Accord Server is required for HMI Development and is installed automatically with Accord HMI Design and Accord Builder.

Modelling – Accord Builder

Accord Builder                                                          Free

   Process and Test Documentation

Accord Builder with Documents.                               2,800

Graphics Design

Accord HMI Design                                                    Free

PLC Emulation and Process Simulation       

Accord PLC Emulator and Simulator                          4,800 

 Licencing Methods and Licence locations:

All licencing is based on Activation Vouchers. The Voucher number is entered into the Licencing panel in the module. The application connects to the licencing server and generates the licence. Activation Vouchers may be obtained below or from resellers.

Module: Licencing location:
Accord Builder In Builder, under Help/Licencing
Accord HMI Design In HMI Design, under Help/Licencing
Accord HMI Runtime In HMI Runtime, under Help/Licencing
PLC Project In Server, under OPC Profile for the PLC
Emulator In Server, under Help/Licencing
HMI Replay In Server, under Help/Licencing
Redundancy In Server, under Help/Licencing
Reports In Server, under Help/Licencing
Recipe In Server, under Help/Licencing
Plan In Server, under Help/Licencing


Please contact us for voucher requests or to discuss bundling, OEM, introduction pricing or large projects.

Sample Pricing: Licencing Cost examples:

In the following the key item for Systems is the number of Devices in Project,

Small Plant: 1 system: e.g. Small CIP System with 40 Devices

PLC Project (50) 2,800
With Reports (100) 1,800
HMI Licence    900
Total 5,500


Medium Plant; 1 system: e.g. Blending Plant with 80 Devices

PLC Project (100) 4,800
With Reports (100) 1,800
With Recipe (100) 1,800
HMI Licence    900
Total 9,300


Medium Plant; 1 system: e.g. Blending Plant with 180 Devices

PLC Project (200) 6,800
With Reports (200) 3,800
With Recipe (200) 3,800
HMI Licence (2) 1,800
Total 16,200


Large Plant; 2 systems managed by 1 Accord Server

PLC Project 1 (50) 2,800
PLC Project 2 (100) 4,800
With Reports (200) 3,800
With Recipe (200) 3,800
HMI Licence (2) 1,800
Total  17,000



If you wish to obtain the benefits of Accord..please use this contact form to request a voucher, and we will reply immediately..