Accord Module Updates

April 2017:

Builder – Added function to allow rewire of Variables within a Program.

HMI – Updated Binding features to be writable for quicker changes.

HMI – Added Popup control based on Plan SOP functions.

HMI – Updated Popup control to be configurable based on HMI workstation name.

Plan – Added SOP function for non-PLC activities, for MES functionality.

PLC – Generated Simatic TIA Libraries with standard Datablock sizes for Projects.


March 2017:

Audit Trail – Initial release of new module, moved from Server tools section.

Builder – Added function to copy Conditions, Combined Conditions, Alarms, Operations across Programs.

Builder – Added function to change item names within Steps, providing a local Step rewire.

Builder – Changed Step Group details for ordering by Step Order.

Builder – Updated Conditions and Operations to keep operands when changing Type.

Builder – Updated Rewire to allow removal of a Row prior to rewire.

Builder – Updated Periodic Value change to allow Variables to be selectable.

General – Updated User Guides for Modules.

HMI – Updated management of State Texts after Partial Downloads.

HMI – Added ability to launch Check module for Valves, Motor, Digital Outs from HMI Faceplates.

HMI – Added function for global rewire of Devices by device name across all screens.

HMI – updated Runtime KPI control for better Row management.

HMI – updated Runtime KPI control for optional text boxes.

HMI – Added alternate colours to rows in Alarm controls.

Server  – Added automatic generation of PLC Addresses for WinCC format.

Server – Added ‘Active’ to Project List to indicate Active Projects.

Server – Updated for .Net framework version.

Simulator – Added Import and Export of Simulator profiles.


February 2017:

Emulator – Improve PID Operation for Reverse PID Control

HMI – Updated Polar Star colour management.

HMI – Added Line Control colour management.

HMI – Updated the windows Close button.

HMI – Added new Vessel types.

HMI – Added Plan and Recipe launcher buttons.

Server – Updated to use to provide all connections for development.

Simulator – Added Analog Input Fail item type to enablers.

Simulator – Added Motor Trip and Isolator as not failed as default.


January 2017:

Builder – Updated Copy functions.

Check – Updated to open Device controls on basic faceplates.

HMI – Update for Vessel colouring for Binding.

HMI – Updated for Colour Management in all controls.

HMI  – Updated Slider Toggle control types for Read Only types.

Server – Updated for User Name in Security Audit Trail.

Simulator – Updated for Valve and Motor feedbacks to be written by default.

Simulator – Updated for Valve and Motor feedback fail to be optional.



December 2016:

Builder – Updated filters for Combined Conditions forms.

Builder – Updated description configuration for Decisions.

Builder – Updated copy of text for items.

HMI – Added extra Grid Line configuration functionality to Trend control.

HMI – Updated Program control buttons for additional colour configuration.

HMI – Added various Situational Awareness controls.

HMI – Updated the Situational Awareness Analog Input bars control.

HMI – Updated the Situational Awareness PID bars control.

Server  – Updated PID Loop functionality in Server.


November 2016:

HMI – Device Faceplates updated.

HMI – Update of Parent filters for List Controls.

HMI – Added new columns to Program List controls.

HMI – Added controls integration for Wonderware Archestra.

HMI – Added Active Directory integration.

Plan – Added compatibility with Active Directory login functionality of Accord Server.

Recipe – Added compatibility with Active Directory login functionality of Accord Server.

Server – Slider Toggle Control added. Launcher Controls added for Recipe and Plan. Compatible with Active Directory login functionality of Accord Server.

Server – Database formats upgraded.


September 2016:

HMI – List Control filters refined.

HMI – Step Display Control added which will show a list of steps from a selected Program and indicate which step is currently active.

HMI – Additional option added for Toggle Control to show an alternating single button control.

HMI – Added a Runtime configurable KPI control, with ability to save and load configuration options during Runtime.

HMI – Multiple Program control added.

Plan – Added option when ending a Plan to either stop the currently running Program or to leave it running while still ending the Plan.

Plan – UI updated to panel with buttons.

Plan – Scheduling management updated from triggers to enablers.

Plan – Enabled for cross-project interactivity.

Plan – Enabled for Multiple plans to be run concurrently.

Plan – Pdf format now used for Plan reports.

Recipe – Export option now generates a formatted pdf document.

Simulator – Initial release of Simulator Module as standalone module.


May 2016:

Builder – Addition of Decision and Decision False to Enablers.

HMI – Addition of Sizing Buttons and Undo Zoom function button to Trend controls.

HMI – Addition of configurability for button visibility to Trend controls.

HMI – Update to PID Loop Status field.

Reports – Updated for improvement to Preferences.

Server – Update of Front panel.


April 2016:

HMI – Revision of faceplates for Status and Command appearances.

HMI – Update of Date/Time control to show Replay Date/Time when HMI is in Replay mode.

HMI – Update of List Overrides (AI, DI) and Manuals (AO, DO, V, M) List Controls.

HMI – Added feature to change Project name across all controls.

HMI – Added Scheduler control.

Server – Update of Security Group naming.


March 2016:

HMI – Added Recent Project List to Menu.

HMI – Added Test Control to display configurable Text on controller value or Step Number. Added writeable functionality to allow selections using Text.

HMI – Added Security login requirement to Alarm Reset Control.

HMI – Added Border configurability to Valve Control.

HMI – Added new control showing Step List, with colour on currently Active Step.

HMI – Alarm Reset Button is configurable for controllers within a HMI project.

HMI – Added option to use Windows On Screen Keyboard.

Reports – Report Automatic trigger configuration added to Reports Module.

Server – Addition of Caching for Logging.

Server – Emulator added to provide Process Emulation testing without PLC.


February 2016:

HMI – Updated Controls menu organisation.

HMI – Updated Program Control for new design.


January 2016:

Builder – Configuration forms redesigned for better appearance.

HMI – Added replay control and device control compatibility for the Replay Module.

HMI – Added ability to automatically show popup windows triggered by controller digital status change.

Plan – Updated to use the advanced service for communication with Server, allowing for more secure processing of commands and login authentication.

Recipe – Change to configuration of Scada decisions per recipe. Status decisions can now be set or reset depending on recipe configuration.

Server – Removal of Scheduler from Tools as replaced by Scheduler Control in HMI.