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Accord Modules:

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To Develop and Test a Project:

Module               Description

Builder               Framework Design of Process Model, with Automatic Document generation.

Server                Data Management, Emulator, and services for all modules.

HMI Design        Graphics design using configurable Controls.

Simulator           Test functionality on PC before testing on PLC

PLC                    Runtime Library which implements model functionality. Available for Siemens, Mitsubishi and Schneider PLC’s.   


To provide full Scada for the Project and Plant:

Module               Description

HMI Runtime      Runtime implementation of HMI Clients.

Recipe               Recipe Management for Setpoints, Selections and Step Order.

Plan                    Automatic Sequencing of Programs, with Hold/Resume and Recipe selection .

Reports              Configurable Reports for any Program or Events, automatic storage and e-mail.

Check                 Runtime Diagnostics for all PLC functions; Activations, Program Step-On’s, Drive Setpoint’s etc…. 


Automation Path – Development and Setup

 After installing the Accord modules, the usual steps for system implementation are:

1 Use Builder to develop a Process Model

Accord Builder is used to configure the Model, consisting of Equipment and Programs.

Setup Equipment: Make Valves, Motors etc, using add/delete copy/paste/rename and configuration.

Assign I/O: Group Assign IO in the IO Table area.

Setup Programs: Make Programs, Steps, Alarms, Operations, Activations using add/copy/configure etc.. and drop-down lists.

Generate Documents: Print Design and Test documents automatically from Model.


 2 Import Model into Server

Accord Server is a powerful data management utility which arranges PLC Data, and manages communication for all PLC and HMI requirements.

Import model: To Server, with OPC Profile for PLC or Emulator, and perform download.

Setup Data Management: Configure Security, Logging, Archiving, Redundancy by configurable selections.

*Accord PLC Library installed using standard PLC Editor.


3 Develop the HMI Application

Equipment and Program objects are assigned using built-in controls in the Accord HMISelection of objects, colours, fonts, sizes etc. is quick and easy.  Accord HMI and controls provide visualisation and control without tagging or scripting.

Draw and Animate Screens: Place Devices, Program objects and Lists on Screens.

Test using Emulator or PLC: Modify Model and use Partial Download to PLC if required.


4 Test using Emulator / Simulator or PLC and Commission System

Import Model to Server as Emulator (built-in) profile. Then the Server and HMI act as a PLC. Rules may be built in the Simulator to mimic actual plant operation.

Test Equipment and Programs: test using simulator rules and actual mimics using HMI Controls. Built in History and Reports provide records of testing.

Store Values to PC: Use Server Sync to update Model with Commissioning values.

Review Commissioning Programs: Use HMI Replay to Replay operation as required using HMI.


5 Update Documentation

Update Documentation: Print updated Design and Test Documents from Builder and Configuration Reports from Server.


Reports, Recipes and Plans; the following can then be implemented at any time when the Process is being controlled (or using Emulator):

1 Setup Required Process Reports

Accord Reports provides a quick configurable report generator. All programs and items are available for reporting. Reports may be triggered automatically and may be exported to a variety of formats and e-mailed automatically from within Reports.

Configure Reports:  Select Time Period, Programs and Devices, and setup Automatic Triggering, Storage and E-mailing.


2 Setup Recipes

Accord Recipe provides the safe configuration of Recipes as selections of Setpoints, Step Orders and Selection Decisions.

Configure Recipes:  Configure options for Steps, Selections and Setpoints for any Programs.


3 Setup Plans – Automatic Sequences of Programs

Accord Plan provides automatic scheduling of Programs, with chosen Recipes. Device operations may be included in a schedule Plan. A current Plan may be controlled and a History is also maintained.

Configure Schedules:  Configure automatic sequences of Programs with Start times and intervals