Accord Plan provides the ability to set up sequences of Programs to be run automatically, with selected Recipes for options, step options and setpoints.

Starting of New Plan Sequence

When a Plan Sequence is Saved is may be started Manually or Automatically per the Scheduled Time.

To view the existing Plans click on the Manage button.

Plan-Plans Manager

The next Scheduled Start Time is shown also, for Plans with Automatic Scheduling,

The Plan may be viewed by clicking on the Edit button      Plan-View Plan Button

And the Plan may be started by clicking on the Start Button      Plan-Start Plan Button

A Plan Start confirmation will appear, click on Yes for to confirm starting.

Plan-Start Plan Confirmation

Once Started, the Plan Status Active becomes ‘True’.

Note: Multiple Plans may be Active together. Care must be taken to ensure correct operation in this case.


Viewing and Controlling a Running Plan

When a Plan is started it becomes a Current Plan.

Click on Current button to see the Status of a Current Plan.

Plan-Running Plan

A Current Plan: selector in the top left hand side allows selection of the Plan for viewing.

Lines in Light Blue have already completed and the Row in Dark blue is the Row currently being processed. The Start times for each Row already processed are shown at right hand side.


To Hold or Resume a Current Plan

To Hold a Plan: Click on the Hold Plan Button. A command is sent to the PLC to Hold the program that is currently active in the Sequence. If the current row is a Pause then the Pause timer is Held.

To Resume a Plan: Click on the Resume Plan button. This becomes visible if the Plan is in Hold. A Command is sent to the PLC to Resume or Restart the program that is currently active in the Sequence.


To End a Current Plan

To End a Plan: Click on the End Plan button. An option is presented to End the current program if a program is Active at the time.

Click Yes to End the Plan and the Current Program

Click No to End the Plan after the Current Program is completed.

Click Cancel to return to the Plan panel.