Accord Plan provides the ability to set up sequences of Programs to be run automatically, with selected Recipes for options, step options and setpoints.

Setting up a New Plan Sequence

Open the Plan Manager, the initial screen is presented.

  1. Ensure the Service is Connected in Bottom left of panel
  2. Log on by clicking on the User section.

Plan-Initial Screen

Click on Manage button to access the Plan configuration section.

Then Click on “+” New Button to begin configuration of a new Plan.

The following Start screen for a Plan is shown

Plan-New Plan

To Configure a Plan follow the following initial steps

  1. Enter a Name for the Plan. This is Free Text.
  2. Provide a Next Run Time and Date. This is optional
  3. Provide a Repeat Interval Nr and Time Span. This is also optional.
  4. Select the associated Plan Report and a location for storing Plan Reports. This is also optional.

Configuration of the Plan

The Plan configuration is presented as Rows and Columns, where each Row is a separate action to be carried out by Plan Manager and the columns provide configuration of the action.

The following steps are carried out for each Row in the Plan

  1. Click in the cell under “Item” in the first column to select first item required type

The following item types are selectable:

Program –  Selection of a Program in the Project

Wait –  Pause for a period of Seconds

Setpoint – Selection of a Program Setpoint for changing

Digital Device – Selection of a Digital Device for Manual Activation

Analog Device – Selection of an Analog Device for Manual Value

Decision –  Selection of a decision for state change

PID Loop – Selection of PID Loop for Manual OperationNew Plan Select Item

2. Click in the next column under “Project Name” and select the required Project from the drop-down list of Projects being managed by connected Accord Server.

3. Click in the next column under Name and select the particular item of type in Step 1.

4. Click in the next columns to select required Property and Value from the drop-down lists of suitable actions and values for the Item type.

The following Properties and Values are selectable:

Item:   Property: Values:
Program Command Start, End, Hold, Restart, Step On, Step Change,

Disable Step On, Enable Step On,

Setpoint Setpoint Desired Value for Setpoint
Digital Device Manual Mode

Manual Command

True or False
Analog Device Manual Mode

Manual Value

True or False

Desired Manual Value for Device

Decision Result True or False
PID Loop Manual Mode

Manual Value

True or False

Desired Manual Value for Loop


5. For Program Recipes: click in the column under Recipe and select the required Recipe. This Recipe will be loaded to the PLC prior to the start of the program.

New Plan Select Enabler Value

6. Fill in the required Enable Next Row and Enabler Value columns. These will determine that the next action on the next row in the Plan can be carried out.

Enable Next Row: Enabler Values: Explanation

Next Row is enabled when:

Program Finished Program Name Selected Program is completed or ended
Program in Step Program@Step Selected Program is active in the selected Step
No Delay Immediately
Delay Delay Value (Integer) After a the Delay value of Seconds
Decision True Decision Name Selected Decision is True
Condition True Condition Name Selected Condition is True


The first Row will always be Enabled once the Plan is started.

For Delay: Click in the Enabler Value column and type in the Delay period in seconds. This is the period that the Plan program will pause for prior to commencing the action of the next row.

Further Rows

7. Edit Next Row until all Rows are complete as required.

A Row may be moved Up or Down in the sequence by selecting the Row and using the arrow buttons. A Row may be deleted from the sequence by selecting the Row and using the Delete button.

8. Click on the Save button to save the Plan.