Integrated Platform for Process Systems.


Accord systems are built using a framework to provide efficient engineering and to allow system improvements to be quickly implemented.

Accord provides full Scada functionality, including unique functions for process reporting and review.

The configuration method and built-in automation quality reduces development times for projects and allows easier maintenance. 

Accord contains integrated HMI, Reports, Recipe and Plan Management which are managed by Server.


Accord Modules 090716 Screen

Accord can be hosted on single PC or networked on LAN or VLAN.

Streamlined Engineering

Accord uses Modelling and configuration instead of coding, with better consistency and efficiency over standard PLC / HMI systems.

Accord provides automatic PLC implementation of the process Model, with common source for all engineering data, so there is no tagging, scripting or query building required.

Model: Equipment and Program configuration for common devices and requirements

Server: Security, Communications, Logging are all centrally managed.

HMI: Equipment and Programs linked to fully configurable faceplates.

Reports: Programs and Devices are automatically available for inclusion

Plan and Recipe Managers: Programs, Setpoints, Selections are all automatically available in the modules.   

Design and Test documents, to GAMP style, may be automatically generated

Accord Builder provides a transparent framework for S88 Type systems

Platform Features    

Accord contains many built-in features for well managed systems:

  • SQL Historian, for logging of all Values, Alarms, and activity

  • Multiple HMI Clients, with easy install and connect.

  • Audit Trail, for all Operations, Events and Alarms ( CFR compliance ).

  • Process Checker,  with drill-down diagnostics.

  • Replay Mode, for graphical process review on HMI

  • Snapshot Reports, for full Plant Status and Values for handover meetings.

  • Redundancy, (Hot Standby), for Server module .

  • Sync, of system process setpoints and values for easy backup.

  • Code Free environment, for easier maintenance and modifications.

  • Process Description and Test Documents, automatically generated.

  • Process Emulator and Simulator, for Training and Simulation.

  • Active Directory Integration, for secure Windows integration

  • Audit Trail for Model Building, for project progress

  • Archiving of Historian records, with scheduler for off-peak Archiving

Unique HMI Built-In Functionality

Accord HMI automatically provides easy access to associated aspects when an item is opened. 

The following are only a few examples of the Built-In HMI features

Device History within HMI: Obtain Device History from within the device faceplate. 

Diagnostics within HMI: Check feature for activation logic is built-in to valve and motor faceplate.

Trends: All Values have linked trends within faceplates

Programs: All Program faceplates have built-in links for Setpoints, Step Times and Selections

Alarms: Each Alarm in the Alarm Banner can access the faceplate for the Object in Alarm

Accessibility: Accord HMI can access any equipment or program item from any screen. 

Item Lists: Unique filterable controls show status of all items of type.   

Flexible Usage    

Accord may be installed and used in stages to follow an automation path. 

For Process Design: Accord Builder models represent good process system design and may be used to illustrate requirements and to automatically generate Design and Test Documents. This is useful for projects where manual PLC coding is being used. 

For Offline Testing: The Accord Emulator allows a modelled process to be tested on PC before PLC setup. Accord HMI screens are used to mimic the process in emulation.

Control: Accord is usually used for Control Systems – simply download the Model to a PLC.

Management: Accord Reports and Recipe Managers are useful for initial and complex system and Accord Plan Manager is useful for highly automated processes for automatic scheduling.