Accord Recipe allows for the configuration of one or more Recipes for a Program.  Each Recipe can contain a unique set of Setpoint values, Step Times and a custom Step Order.

When a Recipe is setup for a program in Accord Recipe Manager then is may be chosen for a program in the program control panel in HMI, and it may also be selected for use in the Program in Accord Plan Manager.


Selecting a Recipe for a Program in HMI

If the Program is InActive and the user is logged in;

In the Program screen click on the current or default Recipe. A drop down menu of the configured Recipes will appear. The desired Recipe may then be selected. On selection the configured Setpoints, Selections, and Step Order is downloaded to the PLC. The program will operate on the downloaded values and Step Order when it is started. Program control using Stop, Resume, End and other commands is unaffected, it is the same for all recipes.

Setpoints may still be changed and the Step To function will work for the downloaded Step Order.


Automatic downloading of Recipe during running of a Plan

When a Program is scheduled to run in a Plan then the Recipe selected in the Plan is downloaded automatically when the Program is due to be started in the Plan.