Accord Reports is a configurable query builder which returns historical information on processes or equipment values in a tabular format.

On first opening Accord Reports or on selection of New, a blank report is presented, to be set up.


Each Report needs the following to be setup;

  1. Period – Fixed Time, Variable Time, or Plan Type,
  2. Items to be included
  3. Format


Setting up a New Report – Report Configuration and Generation

Open the Report Manager, the initial screen is presented.

  1. Ensure the Service is Connected in Bottom left of panel
  2. Log on by clicking on the User section.


Selection of Report Time Span

There are 3 Period Type selectable in the top panel: Fixed Time, Variable, and Plan.

Report Period Type Selection




 1. Fixed Time Span Report Type

This is for a Report between a Start Date and Time (From : ), until an End Date and Time (To : ).  A Calendar is provided for date selection if required.

Select the required Start and End Times by clicking on calendar or entering values.


2. Variable Time Span Report Type

This is for a Report for a recent Period. The period may be defined for Days, Hours and Minutes.

Select the required Period by clicking or entering values.


3. Plan Type Span

This is for Reports for Plan sequences as defined in Accord Plan module.

The required report is configured and then selected for Automatic generation at the end of a Plan.

The Plan Type is configured similarly to a Variable Type.



Selection of Report Type for Program or Time Event Type

The Report may be configured for records for Program Events or Time Events

Program Event Type

This selection is used when the Report is to reflect Program events. There will be a new row for each Event for each Program included in the configuration.

Records are included for Program Start, End, Hold, Restart, TimeHold, Timing, Alarm, Change of Step.


Select the subtype for presentation

Summary: Use this selection to show Program Status and Device Values for included  devices in a single row for each record.

Grouped: Use this selection if more information is required; all selected Status and Value information for all items are grouped together into a cell for each record.


Time Event

Use this selection when the Report is to show Values at selected Intervals. Selection will allow an Interval to be selected for Hours, Minutes and Seconds. The Report will return Values and Status in a new Row for each interval.


All Events

This selection is used when a new record is required for every Program or Device change and each record is to contain detailed information on all logged items at time of record.


Selection of Appearance

These preferences are for the appearance of the Report.

This allows specification of different colours for record types to aid in interpretation. Colours may be assigned for Title Row, Primary and Secondary Rows, Operator Commands, Alarms, and Overrides.


Selection of Devices to be included.

For this Devices refers to Equipment and Program items, and any item in the Model can be included here.

An explorer is provided for selection of items.

Click on the Devices tab and select items by Model (Project) and by Type and then the required Device item. Items from multiple Projects managed by Server may be included in a Report.


In case above one Model (Project) is being managed by Accord Server. Analog Input Instruments, Digital Input switch, Pump and PID Loop have been selected.

Devices are selected for Logging in Accord Server Historian. If a Device is not selected for logging in Server Historian then it will not have data for the Report.


Selection of Properties of Devices.

Accord Reports allows for different properties to be included in a Report. In general Values and Activations are used, but it is possible to include any aspect of a Device. The properties are selected for inclusion by Device Type, so all included Devices of the Type will be represented in the same manner in the Report.

In the selection the Analog Inputs are selected for including Value, Override, Maintenance and WireBreak Status. Properties are selected by Ticking the box beside the property.

Activating the Report

There is a button ‘Generate Report’ at the bottom of the Setup Section. Clicking on this will cause the Report to be Generated. A status will be shown until the Report is Generated.

Saving a Report

The generated Report may be saved for later usage. In the File Menu the following options are used.

Save                 – Save a Generated Report

Save As            – Save Opened Report as a new Name

Export              – Export report data as Excel, .CSV, PDF, HTML or XML files