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Server Database Setup

Accord Server requires a DBMS to host the database that stores the majority of its configuration and historical data.  The Database Management prompt will request that you select the desired target DBMS.  This stage of the Setup must be completed before Accord Server can be launched

.Server - Database Management

Accord Server will automatically list the last known server, if any, otherwise it will list any publically available SQL Server on the local network.  It is possible that, initially, this list may not contain the server you desire, if so, simply click the green ‘Refresh’ button to force Accord Server to look again.  Once the desired server is listed, simply click ‘Select’.

If an existing Accord Server setup is present, Accord Server may require it to be upgraded in case of a later release of Server. In this case, to upgrade the installation, click on Select.

Server - Database Upgrade

Once the desired DBMS has been selected, Accord Server will prompt as follows:

Click ‘Yes’ to perform the upgrade