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Server OPC Setup and Project Licensing

In order to deploy a project on a PLC, Accord Server requires a minimum of one OPC Profile providing the configuration to communication with the target PLC. The OPC Configuration prompt will request the minimum required settings to configure a Default profile.  While more advanced settings are available through the Accord Server user interface, this prompt enables rapid configuration of the settings typically used by the majority of Accord Server users.  This stage of the Setup must be completed before Accord Server can be launched.

Server - OPC Profile - Setup

                                                               Valid OPC Profile 

Setup of a new OPC Profile:

The Emulator Profile is always present. To Add an OPC Proflie for a PLC follow these steps:


Click on the “+” button at bottom of OPC Profiles  Plan-Add Plan Button

Provide a Name for the New Profile

Provide name for new profile

Select the desired OPC Server from the ‘OPC Server’ list. Use the Refresh Button if required.OPC Server Selection

Select the desired OPC Channel from the ‘Channel’ list. A list of channels configured in the OPC Server will be available.

OPC channel Selection

Select the desired OPC Device from the ‘Device’ list. This refers to the PLC in the OPC Server.

OPC device Selection


Licensing the Project

In the ‘License’ field, the following is the panel without valid licence activation

Licence Initial

To activate the OPC Profile by licencing:

click the ‘Change License’ button

Click the Unique ID Status to initialise the PLC. Obtain the green “Correct” Status.

Enter the Voucher Number and click “Activate” in dialog to obtain the required license.

.Activation Successful

The following screen type with information indicates a Valid licence for the Project PLC.

Server - OPC Profile - License