This Template provides a starting project for a small Reactor for Pharmaceutical or Industrial Plant, and item names and descriptions, PLC Hardware, IP Addresses and IO addresses may be easily changed.

This template is meant primarily as an illustration of Accord Builder and HMI. It does work as an Automation system for the Reactor but may require changes for user preferences. The system works as a single program, with selection choices. The system can also be used with Accord Recipe, for user-defined Reaction recipes, including user defined step sequences.


Model Layput

Model Layout

HMI Overview

HMI Overview

Download the Template:

Please see the initial document:

Template Summary and Customisation Guide: AT_Reactor_C1_Summary_R01.pdf

If you wish to download the template then the following are contained in the template compressed folder:

Template compressed folder: AT_Reactor_C1 180417


This contains

Accord Builder Model: AT_Reactor_C1_M_R01.rar

Accord HMI Project: AT_Reactor_C1_HMI_R01.rar

Step 7 Project: AT_Reactor_C1_S7_R01.rar (for S7-300 or similar, Simatic Manager)