1. Blending Plant Manager

To whom it may concern,

When we first heard about Accord, it appeared to meet all our needs for an upgrade we were doing in one of our plants. After seeing a demonstration of the product I felt it was something we had to explore as it was a solution that allowed us to commission our process faster and in addition provide all the necessary documentation that is required with any new plant. It not only ticked all our boxes, it has turned out to be an incredible success for us. In the first year since Accord was installed, we saved considerable time and money over any other traditional PLC/SCADA based systems because;

  • Development time for the process is considerably reduced
  • Our team can program an advanced PLC & SCADA with a small amount of training
  • The safeguards in Accord Builder prevent incomplete or erroneous downloads to the PLC
  • Comprehensive documentation for our process is readily available
  • A complete trail of all process data & events is available
  • The various HMI controls allow us to build complex SCADA screens in a short space of time

When you scratch the surface it becomes evident that Accord is a well built suite of tools. Multiple functionality is provided, any of which makes Accord a must have tool for anyone developing a new or upgrading an existing process. I highly recommend  Accord, there are no cons, it is that good. I would urge anyone involved in process development at any level to download the system and experience the full range of the product.


P Gill,

Production Manager